Dec 05

28-10-12 Gorilla Silverback $149.99 Free Shipping

Gorilla Silverback Mud Tire

The Gorilla Silverback ATV Mud Tire is easy to describe. It’s simply the most aggressive ATV tire in the world. There is NO other tire on the market that compares to the size, tread, sidewall wrap, design, cleaning properties, and sheer “BADNESS” of the Silverback.


The Gorilla Silverbacks come in sizes ranging from 27″ to a FULL 32″ MONSTER!

Silverback tread depths are:
27″ – 1.5″ 28″ – 1.75″ 30″ – 2″ 32″ – 2.5″

Silverbacks have a 6-ply rating and can withstand all the abuse that you want to throw at them. The Silverback lug wraps ALL THE WAY to the bead on both sides and allows you to get traction in ruts when ALL other tires just leave you hanging.

The great tire designers in the sky really did it right when they designed the most intriquite design known to man…and then called it Silverback…the biggest, baddest Gorilla of them ALL!