Apr 03

33-9-18 Outlaw R2s Mounted On Rockstar 2s $1,363 With Free Shipping!

(All Big Wheel Kits come mounted with center caps and lug nuts.)

The High Lifter Outlaw R2 was designed for extreme mud riding plus offer a smooth ride. The R2 has a side lug that wraps around the tire’s carcass. The flat profile of the lugs offer a comfortable ride making the R2 a multipurpose tire.

You’ll be pleased that this tire is lightweight coming in at only 52 lbs. The 1.5″ tread depth gives extreme traction and allows it to push through mud holes with ease. Plus the design aids in self cleaning while riding. This new “ag style” tire is 9” wide with a 18″ diameter wheel.

33-9-18 Outlaw R2 Big Wheel Kit Free Shipping Image result for 33-9-18 Outlaw R2