Jan 24

40×8.3×24 BKT TR-171 (Deep Tread) mounted on MSA M36 Switch (milled) $2,016.15 with Free Shipping!

All of our Big Wheel Kits come mounted and lug nuts, centercaps and valve stems are included.

BKT TR 171 8.3/-24

The BKT TR 171 is an agricultural tire specially designed for those who want superior traction and exceptional durability. Ideal for tractors that do soil tillage operations, the BKT TR 171 gives you the performance you need to work on wet and moist soil. It has self-cleaning capabilities which will get through the trickiest slippery surfaces. As you go through wet soil and paddy foils, the BKT TR 171 can guarantee that it has your back with its extra deep lugs which dislodge mud, sand, and soft soil. It is made with natural rubber tread compound which makes it wear longer and resistant to tearing. To enhance it even further is the tough nylon casing which increases its life.


Features & Benefits

  • Deep set tread lugs for greater grip in wet soil situations
  • Self-cleaning treads which allows you to quickly move from one task to another
  • Rugged compound construction for greater damage resistance