Nov 16

**Black Friday** Polaris RZR 900s/900trail /1000s/1000 All Years Radiator Relocation Kit $170.00 with Free Shipping!

The Wild Boar radiator relocation kit is the best in the market, they are powder coated and made of Steel to last in the harshest conditions. The Kits will come with everything you need to mount the radiator.

Nothing will kill a ride faster than your UTV overheating.

Nothing causes your UTV to overheat faster than mud in the radiator.

The solution to this problem is moving your radiator up onto the front to get it out of the mud that you’re playing in. Everyone has seen this done. Your buddy shows up with his radiator high and dry and free of mud and never has any trouble with his bike overheating, but it looks like a job done by ‘Shade Tree Customs’ of Poorville, USA. Not these UTV radiator relocation kits… Just take a look at them! They are all Steel construction complete with all the necessary mounting hardware. Laser cut and powder coated, this will not only be the most solid, complete kit you’ve ever seen, but it will also be the best looking. So keep the bike running cool all weekend long and purchase a Wild Boar radiator relocation kit.

         Kits include additional hose, mounting brackets, and all hardware.
         You can Still take the hood off without removing the radiator relocation kit.
         Keeps radiator out of the mud.
         Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
         User-friendly installation instructions.
         Complete kit with no additional hardware required.
         Relocates the Radiator/Fan
          Made of Strong 10 gage Steel