37.2-8.3-22 BKT TR-171 (8ply) (Deep Tread) Big Wheel Kit

37.2-8.3-22 BKT TR-171 (8ply) (Deep Tread) Big Wheel Kit
Product Code: BKT171-37-2-8-3-22-BWK
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All of our Big Wheel Kits come mounted and lug nuts, centercaps and valve stems are included.

This kit will come with the M12 Diesel rims becasue they are the only ones that are made in a 22" as of now.


8.3-22 BKT TR-171 Deep Tread Farm Tractor Tire (8 Ply) (TT) 

The BKT TR-171 deep tread farm tractor tire is designed for excellent traction and self cleaning in wet soil and paddy fields. The BKT TR-171 deep tread farm tractor tire features extra deep lugs to provide increased performance and tire life. The natural rubber tread compound of the tire makes for better wear and tearing resistance. The tires tough nylon casing increases tire life. For BKT TR-171 deep tread farm tractor tires, call or order from our online tire store today!

Manufacturer: BKT Tire
Manufacturers Part Number: 94034574
Size: 8.3-22
Ply Rating: 8 Ply Tire
Recommended Rim: W 7
Alternate Rim:
Section Width: 8.1 Inches
Overall Diameter: 37.2 Inches
Static Loaded Radius: 17 Inches
Rolling Circumference: 109 Inches
Tread Depth: 56 (32nds)
Tire Weight: 42 lbs
Type: Tube Type Tire
Load Capacity at 20mph A6 Load Index: 104
Load Capacity at 20mph Max Load: 1985 lbs
Inflation Pressure: 45 psi
Rice and Cane Tire



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