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Wild Boar ATV Parts products are designed to best fit your ATV/UTV under stock conditions. Adding, modifying, or fabricating any factory or aftermarket parts will void any warranty and is not recommended. Our products are designed to be run with stock components and could interfere with other aftermarket accessories. If you have other aftermarket products on your machine, contact us to verify that they will work together.


 Be aware that installing lift kits, long travel, or suspension kits, tires And Many other Products will change the ride of your machine and may increase maintenance. Operating any off-road machine while or after consuming alcohol or drugs increases risk of bodily harm or death. Wild Boar ATV Parts urges you to wear Proper Safety Equipment while Ridding Your Machine at all times.


By purchasing and installing our products, you agree that should damages occur, Wild Boar ATV Parts will not be held responsible for loss of time, use, labor fees, replacement parts, or freight charges. Wild Boar ATV Parts nor any 3rd party will be held responsible for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damages that result from any product purchased from Wild Boar ATV Parts. The total liability of seller to you for all damages, losses, and causes of action, if any, shall not exceed the total purchase price paid for the product that gave rise to the claim.


Wild Boar ATV Parts will warranty only parts provided by Our Company. Any damage or problems with OEM housing, bearings, seals, etc. Other manufactures products will not be covered by Wild Boar ATV Parts. Wild Boar ATV Parts products are not warrantied if item was not installed properly, misused, or modified.

Return Policies
Wild Boar ATV Parts 

Note: All tire sales are final. No refunds or exchanges are allowed on tires unless the tires are defective. Defective tires will be replaced with the exact same make, model, and size.
All sales on electronics are final. Electrical components are tested before being shipped. Due to the sensitivity of these items , absolutely no refunds will be allowed, NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Shipping is non-refundable*
  • A (30%) Restocking Fee applies (provided item is repacked according to factory standards & without excess wear)
  • Returns are accepted only on items with a minimum purchase price of $(100.00)
  • No returns accetpted after 14 days of reciving the item.

*Items purchased originally with Free Shipping will have standard ground shipping fees deducted from the refund

Shipping Policies
Shipping to and from Wild Boar ATV Parts is at the customer's expense and varies according to weight, size, shipping type and location. All items will be shipped insured. 

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