Feb 05

NEW BKT AT 171 37x9x22 Tires $202.35 With Free Shipping!

Wild Boar is now selling the new BKT AT 171 tires! The new AT tires are tubeless and are designed so that the side walls are thicker making it so that you can hold more air pressure.

AT 171 is suitable for on-and-off-the-road applications with ATV vehicles. The special directional and extra-deep tread design provides excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces. AT 171 comes up with optimum self-cleaning properties along with extraordinary cut and chip resistance. The strong casing ensures extra durability and a long service life.  

Pattern Name AT 171
Version               STANDARD
Type                    TL
Tire Size AT 37 X 9 – 22
LI/SS 88 A8/ 64 F
PR  8
Dimensions  (U/M US Standard)
Section Width (in) 8.1
Overall Diameter (in) 37.2 37.2
Static Loaded Radius (in) 17.5
Rolling Circumference (in) 109.4
Rim Rec W 7
Rim Alt W 6