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Mar 13

Yamaha Grizzly 700 & Kodiak 700 14-Up Radiator Relocation Kit w/ Screen (Blue) $189.00 FREE SHIPPING!

Get Wild Boars Latest Radiator Kit Design on SALE NOW for a limited time!! Wild Boar ATV Parts Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2014-2018) w/ Screen (Blue) $189.00 FREE SHIPPING! DON’T FORGET┬áto check out our other products that can be purchased for this bike listed with link below! Audio Systems, LED Lighting, Accessories, Cleaners & Oil Change …

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Dec 20

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Colored Screen Rad Kit

The NEW Wild Boar Radiator Relocation Kit for the Yamaha Grizzlys are now available! The rad kits are redesigned to be durable enough to handle whatever you throw at them while using a more simple, sleek look. The new metal screens protect your radiator from debris and come in Red or Blue to match to …

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Dec 13

Yamaha Grizzly 700 Colored Screen Radiator Relocation Kits

Wild Boar Radiator Relocation Kit for Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2014-2018) Nothing kills a ride faster that your ride overheating. Nothing causes your ATV to overheat faster than mud in the radiator. Here at Wild Boar we are happy to offer some of the best radiator relocation kits on the market. Keep your machine cool while …

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