Mar 14

Wild Boar Polaris Ranger Mid Size 570 Rear Bumper with lights & Winch Mount All Years $264.00 Free Shipping!

Fits Polaris Ranger Mid Size 570 All Years

Whether you use your Ranger for trailing riding in the woods or driving around on the farm, you want this heavy duty Wild Boar Rear bumper.

We take pride in designing a strong bumper with extra support beams so that you can use up to a 4500 lb winch¬†with no problem. CNC formed, made in the USA, and made from 10 gage steel for extra strength to keep your machine protected. This bumper comes powder coated black for extra durability and for a clean look that will have everyone turning their head. Don’t forget to check out our matching Wild Boar Polaris Ranger 570 front bumper with lights!

Ever ran into an issue at night where you needed to back up, but when you look behind your machine you can’t see anything? Well, as a bonus, this bumper includes two flush mount L.E.D lights. Never run into those issues again with our Wild Boar Ranger 570 bumper with lights.

Love this product and all of it’s features, but don’t have the winch to go with it? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with our selection of low priced KFI winches!