Dec 13

Suzuki King Quad Radiator Relocation Kit w/ Screen (Red)

Suzuki King Quad 450/500/700/750 (05-18) w/ Screen (Red)Wild Boar Radiator Relocation Kit for Suzuki King Quad 450/500/700/750 (2005-2018) 

Nothing kills a ride faster that your ride overheating. Nothing causes your ATV to overheat faster than mud in the radiator. Here at Wild Boar we are happy to offer some of the best radiator relocation kits on the market. Keep your machine cool while riding in style with our new sleek looking radiator relocation kit for the Yamaha Grizzly 700 (2014-2018). They are all Steel construction, complete kits with all the necessary mounting hardware you will need. Laser cut and powder coated, this will not only be the most solid, but the best looking kit you’ll see around.

  • Kits include additional hose, mounting brackets, and all hardware.
  • Keeps radiator out of the mud.
  • Makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • User-friendly installation instructions.
  • Complete kit with no additional hardware required.
  • Made of Strong 10 gage Steel​

Nov 30

Cyber Monday Lasts ALL WEEK at Wild Boar!

It’s Cyber Week at Wild Boar! Don’t miss out on these awesome deals!






Nov 30

High Lifter Outlaw 3 Tire/Wheel Package – Free Shipping

33-9-18 High Lifter Outlaw 3 Big Wheel KitHere at Wild Boar ATV Parts, we have have been selling Outlaw tires since the beginning. Highlifter really outdid themselves with their newest breed of mud tire, the Outlaw 3. This tire designed to get through the toughest mud holes imaginable. Their unrivaled design offers extreme grip and self-cleaning treads. It’s deep lugs give excellent traction! The flat profile and lighter weight offer a smooth ride. The Outlaw 3 can run larger wheels and has High Lifter’s well known Outlaw look plus durability.

Nov 30

STI Roctane Radial Tire/Wheel Package – Free Shipping!

The STI Roctanes are an extreme duty radial tire loaded with features to meet the highest demands of today’s machined and consumers. STI Roctane XD’s 8-ply-rated radial carcass is built to confidently handle ever larger, faster and heavier UTV applications. A heavier denier nylon cord maximizes tire toughness while retaining flexibility for a comfortable ride. The Roctane’s unique, non-directional tread design and wide profile footprint deliver smooth, quiet operation and precise control. STI’s exclusive RocWall sidewall construction features reinforced lower sidewalls and extra-wide tread belts for added shoulder protection and stability. Add in super-deep RocGuard rim guards to protect even the thickest wheel lips from trail damage, and the result is the most reliable tire on the market. The Roctane XD’s specially formulated tread compound extends its life even further, yet it still grips the slickest rocks like a dedicated wall-crawler.

Nov 30

STI XCOMP Tires – Free Shipping!

STI X Comp ATR 10 PLY 28-10R-14You think the new X Comp tires look aggressive? Wait until you drive them! Underneath that merciless tread pattern is a two-stage, 10-ply rated radial featuring dual steel belts with nylon cap plies and polyester carcass. This unique LT-inspired design achieves a higher level of strength and ride comfort than any other UTV tire and exceeds DOT requirements.
The large footprint and multi-angle shoulder treads make massive traction in intermediate to hard terrain and at any direction angle. The advanced two-stage radial carcass provides greater uniformity and balance, and absorbs choppy terrain for superior ride comfort. Heavy-duty steel-belt plies increase durability, and a super-deep rim guard defends wheels from abuse. Toughness, comfort, and high-mileage durability; that’s the STI X Comp ATR.

Nov 30

Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tires

Maxxis Carnivore Radial Tire 28x10-14 The Carnivore is a true light truck-inspired tire, engineered for performance in extreme (west coast) terrains. With an 8-ply radial carcass and a tread design that allows for ultimate control on and off-road, the Carnivore has the superb tread wear you expect from a Maxxis tire. This tire also features a specialized rubber compound for excellent traction on rocks, roots and desert terrains. Eight-ply radial construction lets the Carnivore withstand the heavier loads and high speeds of your largest SxS machines.

Nov 29

33x8x18 BKT AT171 mounted on Fuel Tritons

33-8-18 BKT AT-171 Tires mounted on your choice of rims.  Lug nuts Included!


AT 171 is suitable for on-and-off-the-road applications with ATV vehicles. The special directional and extra-deep tread design provides excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces. AT 171 comes up with optimum self-cleaning properties along with extraordinary cut and chip resistance. The strong casing ensures extra durability and a long service life.

Nov 29

Can-Am/Polaris CamLocker Standard Short Side Mount Tool Box

Standard Short Side Mount BoxCamLocker Can-Am / Polaris Standard Short Side Mount Box

Measures 18″ Wide x 12″ Deep (Lip Included) x 12″ High (Outer Dimensions)

  • Made of .063 Gauge Aluminum thread Plate
  • Heavy-duty Locking T-Handles (The same ones used on Law Enforcement Approved Gun Vaults
  • Carpeted Interior




Nov 29

Can-Am Commander Front Winch Bumper with LEDs

The Wild Boar Commander Front Bumper is like no other on the market today. We took pride in constructing a durable bumper that was not only strong, but one that would work great with a winch. We know the kind jobs our customers perform with their machines and which is why we use extra support inside our bumper. We make our bumpers tough enough for any job.

Nov 29

Polaris Scrambler 850/1000 Bumper & Rad Kit 13-14

Wild Boar Radiator Relocation Kit For The Polaris Scrambler 850/1000 All Years 

The Wild Boar radiator relocation kit comes with a front bumper to mount the radiator on top of the ATV. The design of the Wild Boar bumper is unlike any other on the market today. Our bumpers are created to be light weight and extremely durable for all of your ATV needs. This kit is powder coated black wrinkle and comes with all of the hardware you will need to install it.

  •          Kits include additional hose, mounting brackets, and all hardware.
  •          Keeps radiator out of the mud.
  •          Makes cleaning and maintenance easier.
  •          User-friendly installation instructions.

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