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Grizzly/Kodiak Radiator Kit

NEW Wild Boar Radiator Relocation Kit for Yamaha Grizzly 700 & Kodiak 700 2014-Up

Yamaha is know for designing the fiercest machines on the market. Yamaha specializes in designing tough, durable, powerful machines. The Yamaha Grizzly and Kodiak are designed to take on any obstacle you throw at them. Both the Grizzly and the Kodiak are great machines for any kind of environment. Whether you ride your Grizzly through the swampy, peanut butter mud of the south or take your Kodiak through the deep snow up north, you always run the chance of something clogging up your radiator and causing your bike to overheat. Here at Wild Boar we offer a solution to keep your bike running all day no matter what kind of weather you’re in. The Grizzly/Kodiak Radiator Kit is what you need!

Wild Boar is happy to offer some of the best radiator relocation kits on the market. Keep your machine cool while riding in style our new screen relocation kit for your Grizzly or Kodiak. These kits are all Steel construction, complete kits that include all the necessary mounting hardware you will need. Laser cut and powder coated, this will not only be the most solid, but the best looking kit you’ll see around. With optional Logos available in different colors to give your bike the unique custome look you want.

Grizzly/Kodiak Radiator Kit includes additional hose, mounting brackets, and all hardware necessary
Keeps your radiator out of the mud and snow
Makes cleaning and maintenance easier
Powder coated black for extra durability