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Quadboss QBT680 40-9.5-20 Tires on ST-3 Matt Black Wheels

Quadboss QBT680 40-9.5-20 Tires on ST-3 Matt Black Wheels

Elevate your off-road performance with the QUADBOSS QBT680 tires mounted on ST-3 Wheels. Designed for versatility and durability. These tires feature a rugged tread pattern. Which provides exceptional traction on a variety of terrain types. From mud to rocks to sand. Paired with ST-3 Matte Black Wheels. This combination not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of your vehicle. But also delivers superior handling and stability. Whether you’re exploring challenging trails or conquering rugged landscapes. The QUADBOSS QBT680 tires on ST-3 Matte Black Wheels are engineered to take your off-road adventures to new heights. Dominate the terrain with confidence and style with this winning combination from QUADBOSS and ST-3.

QuadBoss is well known for it’s line of ATV/UTV aftermarket parts. They didn’t stop with the accessories though. They jumped right in to tire world, designing tires with the ability to compete with some of the top tires on the market.

The QBT680 tire features the sought after, aggressive tractor style tread pattern that makes it perfect for our mud riders. This tire features a semi-continuous center lug pattern to help improve ride quality and handing on hard packed trails. The squared off design of the QBT680 gives you a smoother ride than most other mud tires. This tire features a rim guard to help protect your new wheels and is available in affordable prices compared to its competitors.

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