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Defender Motobatt Battery Replacement

Defender Motobatt Battery Replacement

Upgrade your machine with this Defender Motobatt Battery Replacement.

Your Can-Am Defender is your go-to, no-fail ride. But wrestling with a dead battery is pointless. It’s time to ditch the drama and replace your old, worn-out battery with Motobatt’s Can-Am Defender Battery Replacement from SuperATV. It’s an upgrade that gives you 21 Ah and 320 CCA. Did we mention that’s also a 20% more than OEM? Because it is! Motobatt’s battery design is built to outlast the trail and the elements. Lead-calcium grids within the battery plates make them super robust. These grids are further shielded by military-grade absorbed glass mat separators that also soften sudden movements and intense vibrations.

Your Defender’s decked out with accessories: lightbars, sound systems, winches, upgraded power steering—you name it. This replacement Defender battery is up for the challenge. Plus, your ride’s performance won’t take a hit. Thanks to the multi-terminal design, adding more gadgets is a breeze. It also doesn’t mess with your current setup. Installing this battery is smooth sailing. No fancy modifications or tricks required. Just remove the old battery and slide the new one in—boom! You’re all set to roll.

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