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RZR Motobatt Battery Replacement

RZR Motobatt Battery Replacement

Ride in confidence with the RZR Motobatt Battery Replacement.

So you’re cranking your RZR and cranking your RZR and cranking your RZR—just face it, the battery is shot and it’s not going to start! Replace your junk battery with Motobatt’s Polaris RZR Replacement Battery. It’s got 54 Ah and 585 CCA. That’s 20% more amp-hour capacity and cold-cranking amps than your OEM battery. Motobatt uses lead-calcium grids for the internal structure of the battery plates. They’re extremely strong and durable, also improving overall longevity. The plates are cushioned by military-grade absorbed glass mat separators to protect the battery from sharp movements and vibrations.

Half the fun of having a RZR is loading it up with tons of accessories. Sound systems, light bars, and also winches—whatever you add, this battery can keep up. And it won’t divert power from your engine. Its multi-terminal design makes it easy to add additional accessories without interfering with anything you’ve already set up. There are no special tricks or weird adapters required for this battery. Therefore, it’s a one-for-one swap with your old battery, so you’ll be ready to go in no time.

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